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How we started

Did you know the average cost of a staircase is $12,000? Considered one of the most expensive items in your home, we’re here to give timber staircases the attention they deserve.

In 2015, we were working as subcontractors that provided floor sanding and timber floor laying services. This is until we discovered stair polishing.

Often, clients would ask us to refresh their staircases after their painter had completed the work. Their handrails were too rough to touch, paint stains lingered long after and the stain was applied so heavily that the unique intricacies of their timber had disappeared.

Time and time again we heard these stories of unhappy clients, time lost, and money wasted.
It was simple. Painters did not have the equipment or knowledge of working on raw timber and floor sanders lacked the time to complete the tedious task that is staircases.

What we did next

Our next move was a no-brainer. It was time to start stair sanding and polishing timber staircases.

We paired our skills and knowledge of commercial floor sanding with industry leading equipment and expert stains and varnish to deliver the result homeowners deserved from the start.

We filled the holes with colour matched filler and used commercial sanding equipment. We used artistic style paint brushes to apply the stain and varnish.

Clients and builders were happy, and so were we! Finally, their prized asset was getting the attention it deserved. Plus, the painters started telling us how relieved they were to not have to complete the staircase – they could now stick to what they did best too!

And the rest was history.

Where we’re at now

It’s been a few years since we completed our first staircase and we’re proud to say that our passion and art of perfecting timber staircases has only grew and grew.

Southern Stain exclusively provide high quality sand and polishing to timber staircases in residential developments.

Partnering with the best

Victoria’s largest volume home developers, boutique builders and owner builders now choose us to complete all their timber staircases.

In addition, we use the latest technology in UV resistant water-based products for stair polishing, allowing a fast turnaround time so you can move into your new home faster. Plus, our products offer a high safety profile to ensure they’re kind on the whole family [four legged ones included!].

After completing 100’s of staircases, we discovered that the most important step for a pristine finish was actually the surface preparation. Using commercial grade floor sanding equipment, we ensure that all contaminants are removed, and we’re left with the perfect canvas to begin our work on your pride and joy.

What else do we offer?

Are you wondering what else we have up our sleeve? Have a read of the reasons to choose us for your staircase sand and polishing.

We also provide stair maintenance to existing staircases and complete rip backs and re-sands.
These services not only enhance the longevity of your staircase but keep them looking like new!

Don’t take our word for it, view our gallery and list of happy customers!

We service all Regional and Metropolitan Victoria including; Craigieburn, Warragul, Mornington, Phillip Island and all locations in between.

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