Avoid using brooms, scourers or anything with bristles or harsh surfaces when cleaning your staircase.

We recommend using a soft microfibre cleaning mop or pad that won’t cause any scratches.


Its always best to avoid wearing any kind of shoes on a staircase, but if you’ve ever forgotten something upstairs just as your heading out you know this can sometimes be unavoidable. Shoes that have thin bases or even flat bases are generally fine. Avoid wearing shoes with with big grooves in the soul such as work boots as they can collect dirt and stones which will scratch your staircase.
And heels


When cleaning your staircase always avoid bleach based products. These will damage your stairs.

When selecting a cleaning product you want to ensure you select a mild cleaning agent.

We recommend ‘Cabots Deck Wash’ which is a water based formula that removes dirt and dust and can be used on your stairs and floors.


Always check your stairs for any new stains and clean them up straight away. Don’t let them sit there for too long as they will get worse and leave a permanent mark.

Also include our stair maintenance service (we clean, retouch, recoat and apply a clear coat to your existing water based stair case). This is something that can be completed each year.

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