Intergrain UltraFloor is a revolutionary new product that leaves a perfect finish on timber without harming the environment. Timber lovers have sworn by the benefits of oil-based finish for centuries, but its compounds can often be unsafe. Furthermore, its production is damaging to the environment. Water-based varnish is entering the market at the perfect time as a safe, quality replacement that doesn’t cost extra and leaves a minimal carbon footprint.

Environmentally friendly
Traditional, oil-based finishes have been proven to emit harmful compounds into the atmosphere known as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).  VOCs can be toxic when inhaled and can cause respiratory health issues. Intergrain UltraFloor contains no VOCs. In addition, the production process of water-based finish is hugely more efficient, reducing the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Making the switch may seem like a small gesture but each of these little actions helps to reverse the adverse effects of climate change.

Quality is never compromised
Intergrain UltraFloor does not compromise quality by being eco-friendly. In fact, many tests have proven that water-based finish can actually last longer on timber floors. The expertly designed molecular formula creates a durable compound that will stick to timber flooring regardless of the stampedes it might endure.  The shine will be visible long after application and complement any interior design.

Oil based finish is a thing of the past
Oil-based finish has been used to finish and protect timber for centuries. The compounds it has been made from have hardly changed. It seems only natural, and, in many ways long overdue, that a better, more efficient and safer replacement becomes more readily available on the market.  Intergrain UltraFloor seems to be the forerunner amongst these products and the perfect replacement. Water-based finish is applied in exactly the same way as oil-based finish and actually dries much faster.

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