If you or your pets have ever scratched your timber flooring, stairs, or a valuable piece of furniture, you’ll
know that your mind immediately thinks up the worst-case scenario. Will you need to have your antique
table, flooring, or stairs sanded and stained again? Not if you have the Tibet Almond Stick on hand.

Now Available in Australia
Until just recently, having a Tibet Almond Stick around the house wouldn’t be likely for Australian homes.
Formerly sold only in the US and surrounding countries, the product was unavailable for sale in Australia.
That is, until now. Thanks to the timber finishing experts at Southern Stain, the Tibet Almond Stick is now
available for use in Australian households.

A Tightly Guarded Secret That Works Like Magic on Scratches
Here’s its secret: a liquid chemical formula that channels an old-fashioned remedy – rubbing a lump of
almond meat over the scratch, making it virtually disappear. In the US, it’s been around since the early
years of the 20th century, with its secret ingredients and manufacturing process tightly guarded by four
generations of the Reed family – its inventor’s descendants.

Unlike the nut that inspired it, the Tibet Almond Stick is a tightly rolled ‘stick’ of soft cotton, soaked
through with the product. Those customers who have used it say it works like magic on surface scratches
on timber, glass, and other materials.

Easy to Use and Maintain
It’s easy to use and easy to store. Simply unwrap the cotton roll from the can and rub it gently on the
scratch. Don’t cut the stick or peel the label. So long as you store it properly, the liquid product will stay
until it’s all used up.

Although it’s colourless, it blends the scratch with the stain that surrounds it, making the scratch
disappear. It removes timber flooring and furniture scratches in a wink!

When you’re done, cover the container tightly and store it in a cabinet for the next time you have a
scratch. Stored properly, it can last for years. One stick can treat up to 1,000 scratches.

Rejuvenates Timber and Glass Surfaces
This stick can make practically any timber or glass surface look new again, including:

1. Timber and engineered timber flooring: Create a pristine, scratch-free surface to make your
floors look the way they did the day they were first finished.

2. Timber stairs: Stairs get a lot of wear over the years from everyday use. Remove scratches in
seconds with the Tibet Almond Stick

3. Glass: Whether tabletops, windows, or prized glassware, glass tends to scratch, particularly when
the objects made from it endure heavy use. The Tibet Almond Stick can help the scratch fade into
the background, bringing the item back to its sparkling self.

Welcome Guests with Confidence
If you’ve always been one of those hosts who ask guests oh-so-politely but firmly to remove their footwear
before they enter a space with timber flooring or stairs, your worries can disappear when you have a Tibet
Almond Stick in the house. Stop worrying and start enjoying your home with a Tibet Almond Stick on hand.

Treat Timber Immediately for Best Results
At Southern Stain, our team checks every Tibet Almond Stick by hand to make sure that our customers
take home a perfect product. However, there are situations that even a perfect stick can’t handle.

For that reason, we advise our customers to treat scratches immediately after they occur, lest they
become deeper over time. The Tibet Almond Stick, unfortunately, doesn’t work on deep scratches or
gouges. Once timber gets to that point, it needs professional help.

Save Hundreds – Even Thousands – In Repairs

With the Tibet Almond Stick now available here in the greater Melbourne area, you can save money on
refinishing, repairing, or replacing scratched timber flooring, stairs, and furnishings. No longer will you
have to donate perfectly usable, yet marred glass tabletops and glasses. You can get them looking brand
new again with the magical Tibet Almond Stick.

Don’t wait until you get a scratch on your gorgeous flooring. Buy your Tibet Almond Stick now so you’ll
always have one on hand. Get in touch with the timber restoration experts at Southern Stain to get yours

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