Timber Staircase Polishing in Bayside Peninsula

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Timber Staircase Polishing in Bayside Peninsula

The most practical purpose that stained stairs and staircases have, for both commercial and residential buildings, is that they give people access to upper levels. However, staircases weren’t made for that reason alone.

They also serve as a wonderful aesthetic to the interior, and exterior, design. Making it an important piece of the overall design element, and we understand that. That’s why here at Southern Stain, we make sure your timber staircases in Bayside Peninsula gets the finish and result it deserves. Whether they’ve become shabby, have yielded to natural wear and tear, or a brand new build, we’ll take on the job and give the best finish to your investment.

What Makes us Stand Out?

Well, there’s a lot that makes Southern Stain stand out from the rest. For one, sanding and staining stairs is our specialty. Our main service ensures that you’re going to get exquisitely stained stairs here in Victoria. We are knowledgeable about what procedure, stain, finish, and tools that match each staircase and its needs. We also prefer using water-based products for polyurethane, stain colours, and finishes, which are scientifically proven to be safer for families and the environment.

We take pride in the work that we provide to our customers, and we always go the extra mile by leaving the work site cleaner that when we found it. We offer a 3 month warranty from the date of completion, and we also offer stair maintenance to existing staircases that have been coated with water based products. This helps enhance the longevity and appearance of your staircase by touching up, recoating, and applying a clear top coat to wherever necessary, so we can bring back the shine of your staircase, making it look like brand new!

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