Below are the 8 main maintenance mistakes that will leave your Timber Staircase looking dull and lifeless.

Abrasive Cleaning
Avoid using brooms, scourers or anything with bristles or harsh surfaces when cleaning your staircase.
We recommend using a soft microfibre cleaning mop or pad that won’t cause any scratches.

Foot Wear
It’s always best to avoid wearing any kind of shoes on a staircase, but if you’ve ever forgotten something upstairs just as your heading out you know this can sometimes be unavoidable. Shoes that have thin bases or even flat bases are generally fine.
Avoid wearing heels or shoes with big grooves in the soul such as work boots as they can collect dirt and stones which will scratch your staircase.

Cleaning Agents
When cleaning your staircase always avoid bleach based products. These will damage the protective layer on your staircase and cause a dull appearance.

Stains And Spills
Always check your stairs for any new stains and clean them up straight away. Don’t let them sit there for too long as they will get worse and leave a permanent mark..

Too Much Water
Too much water can not only damage the varnish over time but can cause warping to timber. Avoid being over-zealous with mopping and if you do need to mop, use as little water as possible. Steam mops aren’t recommended on timber surfaces.

Felt On Furniture
One of the main reasons why scratches accumulate on timber is from furniture. To avoid the tell-tale scratch marks, take the time to felt the bottom of furniture so your timber is protected. Remember that the felt will eventually wear off so check the feet of your furniture every so often.

Moving House
Moving house or furniture can cause significant wear and tear on timber floors or a polished staircase. We have seen countless times furniture dragged up or down a staircase leading to chipping the edges of the treads, sometimes before families have even moved in!
Re-coating the edge of a tread is time consuming and difficult to blend. To avoid this situation use blankets or apply a rubber tread protector during the move.

Regular Maintenance
While avoiding common mistakes will increase the longevity of your timber floor or stair case, wear and tear is inevitable. To keep your floors looking stunning restoration may be needed, you don’t need to wait for a complete sand back which is time consuming and expensive.
A yearly maintenance  by a professional will resolve any imperfections and bring back the shine to your stair case, and is more affordable than you might think.

So there you have it. The top 8 maintenance mistakes people make when cleaning their staircases. Follow this simple guide to ensure your stairs are always looking their best.

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