Have you recently stained your timber staircase? Have you noticed any peeling or blistering? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, this stair staining issue is one of the most common our Melbourne customers face.

The good news is, as your local stair polishing experts, we can diagnose the problem and reapply a smooth, attractive, long-lasting stain to your new staircase.

Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

Why do new staircases peel?

The unsightly peeling or blistering in your new staircase could be caused by several application errors. Here are a few examples:

Too much stain was applied to your staircase

When too much stain is applied to a timber staircase, it cannot dry properly. This can lead to a bumpy, uneven surface.

The timber wasn’t prepared properly

Fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail, right? If the timber isn’t correctly cleaned and sanded, the stain will not be able to adhere effectively due to surface contaminants, such as dust, oil, watermarks, and paint splatters.

The wrong product was used

If the wrong stains were used – for example, mixing oil-based products with water-based products – they could separate and peel.

Not enough drying time between coats

It’s essential that each coat has ample time to dry before the next coat is applied.

How to fix a peeling timber staircase

You can fix this common stair staining issue – but the process is a little involved.

First, you will need to sand back the entire affected surface. Then, the timber will need to be thoroughly prepared using the correct technique. Finally, you can apply a new stain – just be sure to select the right products and give each coat plenty of time to dry.

Get perfect, professional results the first time

Skip the headache and hire genuine professionals that can deliver flawless results the first time around.

The dedicated team here at Southern Stain have helped many local Melbourne customers repair and re-stain peeling timber staircases.

We use commercial-grade sanding equipment to ensure the timber is clean, smooth, and contaminant-free. Then, using top-quality products, we create a stunning, durable, hard-wearing finished product. We even go the extra mile and share our insider tips on proper timber staircase care, so that you can enjoy your new staircase for longer.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we never take nasty shortcuts or skip crucial steps. Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more about our staining services.

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